Wish List <3 <3 <3

Welcome to the Wish List.  We’re opening up a comment-style forum where you can add and bounce ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for course material.

Why not chime in and put in your two cents?  We’ll try to match a tutor to your course wish, although suggestions/recommendations are always a help.

With the help of Space Studios and our co-organizers, we are actively recruiting tutors for specialty workshops ranging the new media gamut. If you are a tutor and would like to propose a course or workshop, please contact us by email.

Suggested / Requested courses:

* Toy Hacking/Physical Computing

* CCTV Hacking

* Processing

* RFID Tags
* Using sensors: Arduinos, stamps

* Pervasive media / Ubiquitous Computing


*Pure Data / Max

*Gaming Tools

*3D Game Design