1. Hippokampos in the Grey Matter

    MzTEK is excited to announce that we’re taking our first gaming project to the Athens Plaython festival in September with our good friend Pollie Barden from Queen Mary! We will be running a workshop on how to create your own memory mapping game and also running a game which we have designed called Hippokampos in the Grey Matter.

    We have designed our first iteration of the game and it will be running this Sunday at Hide and Seek’s July Sandpit event in Holland Park.

    The game invites players to explore Holland Park through collecting hidden micro memories to create a new memory of your adventures to share. Through clues and discovering hidden micro-memories your team will reinterpret the memory through photographing your own adventure in the park. You will have to be quick to be the first team back to homebase!

    Details of Sunday’s event are:

    Sunday 15th July 2pm – 5:30pm drop-in

    Holland Park, Ilchester Place, W8 6LU

    None required, just show up and play!

    For further info please email info@mztek.org or check out the Hide and Seek website for the event.

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  2. Listen to the Data

    As part of the Moving Forest 2012 insurgency tomorrow (4th July), MzTEK is inviting women to come and participate in a performance of creative noise making from 5 – 8pm at The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

    You can bring whatever noise making device you like whether it’s a radio, an electronic instrument, or a hacked toy. For inspiration, check out the workshop which we ran with Shu Lea Cheang for Moving Forest last November at SPACE Studios:

    Join us as an insurgency force arriving at the castle!

    Wednesday 4th July 5-8pm

    Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground
    Chelsea College of Art and Design
    Atterbury Street, (Opposite the Entry to Tate Britain)
    London SW1P 4JU

    None required, just show up with your noise making device!
    Please note this performance is for women only.

    For further info please email info@mztek.org or check out the website for the event

    About Moving Forest 2012, presented by AKA the CASTLE:

    A twelve day prelude moving across the city; a twelve-hour sound art opera of betrayal and rebellion culminating in a spectacular series of disturbing performances in Chelsea College of Art Parade Ground; a one-day coda of debate.

    Moving Forest expands the last 12 minute of Kurosawa’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, ‘Throne of Blood’ (1957), into a sonic performance saga with a prelude of 12 days, a durational performance of 6 acts in 12 hours and a closing Coda for the sake of argument.

    First presented at Transmediale.08. Berlin 2008,Moving Forest London maps an imaginary castle and a camouflaged forest revolt onto the hyper-playground of the London metropolis on the eve of Olympics 2012.

    Presented by a temporarily assembled troupe AKA the castle, Moving Forest brings together diverse visual/sonic/electronic/digital/ performance artists along with writers, walkers, coders, hackers, mobile agents, twitters, networkers and the general public to realize a contemporary version of a classic play. Making use of all media, the acts elaborate operatic manoeuvres into an escalating scheme of conspiracy and its contemporaneous political manifestations. The camouflage tree branches of Birnam Wood are electronically updated with contemporary forms of stealth and insurrection. Armed with signals and slogans, the Moving Forest forces an entry into the Castle.  A final merging of forest and castle occurs during a moment of downfall, jubilation and loss.

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  3. Hacked Human Orchestra London Workshop

    Electronic instruments, sonic soft-circuits, mechanical melodies… our take on ‘live music performance’!

    MzTEK is joining forces with Guerilla Science to produce the most amazing Hacked Human Orchestra EVER!

    We have teamed up with PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer Shauna Concannon and artists Kobakant to design the wearable instruments and workshops.

    Join in the fun in our soft-circuit synth workshop.

    Learn some basic electronics and how to make a soft-circuit synthesiser you can wear. You will be lead through the process of creating different types of sound circuits, which will then be integrated into festival goers clothing at Shambala and Wilderness in August. You will be given workshop instructions and gain the knowhow for making them at home.

    If you attend the festivals in August, you can sign up to complete your wearable instrument there, and join in the orchestrated evening performance.


    Centre for Creative Collaboration
    16 Acton Street London Greater London WC1X 9NG


    June 30 2012
    10am – 5pm

    Only £8! Sign Up NOW!

    This is a women only workshop. Sign up HERE


  4. Dorkbot Sheffield


    will be presenting at


    “people doing strange things with electricity”



    7pm, Friday 8 June 2012



     Come and hear how we got started and what we get up to, + a short video about the Chi-TEK Tea Party.

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  5. Arduino Basics At Access Space – Sheffield

    Interaction designer Katrin Baumgarten will guide you through the steps to making a simple interactive bubble machine using an Arduino, sensors, electronics and some programming.

    This workshop will give you enough knowledge to get you started creating all kninds of interactive crazyness… such as Katrin’s tea pot Raging Roger!, commissioned by MzTEK for Chi-TEK.

    Katrin Baumgarten holds an MA from the Royal College of Art and an MSc from Imperial College London in Innovation Design Engineering. Her projects revolve around human-technology interaction and explore future possibilities within technology and art. She loves to see the magic that appears when an inanimate object suddenly starts to move and respond to external stimuli in ways normally attributed to humans.

    This workshop is suitable for beginners, so just come and have a try, and most of all, fun!


    Access Space
    3-7 Sidney Street
    S1 4RG


    Saturday 9 June, 2012
    10am – 5pm

    Sign up! it’s FREE!!!!!!!

    This workshop is a women only workshop… and it’s FREE! – so you’ve got nothing to lose!
    To book a place contact Access Space on 44 (0)114 2495522 

    This workshop is supported by