1. MzTEK V&A Workshops: Sound Oddities


    Be inspired by the David Bowie exhibition, and design your own wearable electronic noise instrument.

    Learn to build a simple synthesiser by soldering components onto a specially designed Printed Circuit Board, that can be embedded into a garment using conductive thread and soft circuit techniques. The tone of the instrument is manipulated using home-made stretch and pressure sensors.

    This project was designed by MzTEK as part of the Hacked Human Orchestra, a production in collaboration with Guerilla Science.


    The V&A Digital Studio, Sackler Centre
    Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL


    Saturday 23 March, 10.30 – 17.00

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  2. Navigate Your Neuron! @ Barbican Brain Waves Weekender…

    MzTEK is participating on the Barbican Weekender this 2 & 3 March, delivering the positively buzzing soft-circuit workshop Navigate Your Neuron!

    Use soft-circuit electronics to make a wearable interactive neuron glove that lights up the Axon and buzzes at the Presynaptic Terminals when you stimulate the Dendrites.

    This workshop maps a neuron’s main components along an arm length glove, and uses electricity to send the signal from a touch sensor on the finger, up the arm via some lights to a buzzer in the elbow.

    The workshops are free and open to all, and will run for 2 hours on both days.  We recommend you come and sign up early on the day to avoid disappointment.


  3. RFID + LilyPad Arduino Introduction

    Learn all you need to know to get started for wearable interaction with Radio Frequency ID tags.

    RFID tags are used all around us, from your Oyster card to security tags in shops. They are tags that have a unique serial number, which can be read and identified by an RFID reader by placing the tag near the reader.

    Using the LilyPad Arduino, you will learn to identify your tags and, based on the tag ID, trigger a different colour light for each tag. We will use soft circuits to embed the LilyPad and RFID tags into a piece of fabric.



    All kit provided for you to take home a fully functioning RFID project.  Feel free to bring your project, cushion, soft toy, garment or bag to embed your RFID into.

    This would be an ideal for anyone that has attended our LilyPad Arduino Introductory workshop, but is suitable for complete beginners too.


    Sara Heitlinger.

     Sara is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Arts Technology, at Queen Mary University of London, where she is researching designing interactive systems to support grassroots urban food growing communities.




    16th February ‘2013 11.30 – 5pm


    £80 including LilyPad Arduino
    £50 WTHOUT LilyPad – for those who have their own.

    Sign up

    This is a women only workshop,  SIGN UP HERE!!!!!

    Generously supported by


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  4. Soft-Circuit Intro At Norwich Arts Centre

    Especially for all you crafty techies in Norwich!

    To celebrate the final day of our exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre, we are giving an introduction to soft-circuits on Saturday 9 March.  Come and make a fabric patch, or sample, that lights up when you move or press a button. You can attached your patch to garments or a bag for the ultimate in fashion accessories.

    By using conductive thread, LEDs, and conductive materials, come and learn how to embed a ‘soft-circuit’ into fabric.

    You will make a patch that can then be sewn or stuck using Velcro to your favourite t-shirt, bag or even your hat!  Alternatively, bring your own fabric or garment to sew the circuit onto directly.

    Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich

    Saturday 9 March : 10.30 – 4pm
    Women only

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