1. TMT #1: The First of our Ten Minute Tutorials on May 15

    Join us for a session of Ten Minute Tutorials on Wednesday 15th May, 7-9pm at the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

    Tutorials will vary in level, but you don’t need to have prior experience or knowledge of the topics to attend.  These are in a presentation format, rather than a workshop. Feel free to bring a laptop or a note pad. Come along and learn something new, and/or meet like-minded women.


    As our innaugural TMT! session, we’ll host 3 tutorial presentations of ten minutes each.  After presentations and a break for refreshments, we’ll show screenings of online tuts, how-to’s and resources covering a range of topics.


    SuperCollider Live coding tool for audio performance.

    An introduction to the programming environment and language for real-time audio synthesis.

    Alexandra Cárdenas is a composer, musician and live coder from Mexico.

    Collaborate on Open Source Projects using Git(hub)

    Create and manage open source projects using Git, a popular open-source version control software, to manage changes to source code.  We’ll look at using it with Github – a site that allows you to open a git managed project to the public.

    Sally Northmore is a co-founder of MzTEK, and a web developer at creative studio SHOWstudio.

    Learn to create simple visuals in Processing

    Learn to write a simple For Loop & a conditional for interactive visuals, in the programming language ‘Processing’. Download Processing here.

    Sophie McDonald is a co-founder of MzTEK and sketchPatch.net.

    This is a women only event.

    Sign up to attend here.

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  2. SHOW & TELL: Julie Freeman

    Calling all women artists/techies/tinkerers!

    Come and join Julie Freeman introducing the technicalities of her latest work in the next MzTEK P2P show ‘n’ tell.

    Julie recently returned from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) in Belfast at the end of August, where she showed the piece Specious Dialogue III.

    Specious Dialogue III consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems. Mounted on pairs of swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with – pushed, rolled, kicked and shoved around the exhibition space. They are physical audio curiosities with personality.
    Julie will be discussing the story of the work from the initial commission through to version 3.  She will talk about how she built it from sourcing and constructing the concrete forms, to the writing of the Max>/MSP patch as well as the development of the piece through the sound recording and editing. She will be accompanied by sound producer Dan Grigson (Grantby) who will give hands-on hints and tips on voice-over recording, editing and formating.


    Specious Dialogue was commissioned by Cybersonica for Soundwaves 07 and has been shown in London, Luxembourg, Dublin and Limerick.

    December 3rd, 6pm – 8pm
    Space,  129 – 131 Mare St, Hackney, London, E8 3RH
    How to get there… http://www.spacestudios.org.uk/contact/SPACE/
    Please feel free to bring refreshments

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  3. Hair raising harmonies!

    THIS SUNDAY 28th JUNE, 12 noon – 2pm – Pizza and hair of the dog at Sal’s place.

    Following from her excellent ‘make music with your hair’ workshop at Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) in Umea, Sweden, Joan is up for doing it again for MzTEK.  Check out the blog post I wrote on the workshop at /ETC for an idea of what it in-tales (ha ha!)

    RSVP to info@mztek.org for workshop location, Shoreditch area.



    Joan Healy is in town to perform Becoming a Franz West TONIGHT (wed 24th) at Shunt

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  4. Tinkerbelles & Arduinorama Mammas

    So, we had a blast last Saturday tinkering on Arduinos for the first time (well, for most of us), at [ SPACE ].

    Artemis led us through a great 3 hour P2P sesh on Arduinos and sensors. We learned:

    – how to make a circuit using the Arduino, a breadboard, and some wires
    – how to make a little LED light blink using the above, plus a wee bit of easy programming
    – using buttons to open and close circuits
    – using potentiometers (mouthful there) to dim/brighten LEDs.

    It was awesome, and I’m really looking forward to our upcoming workshops now.  I’ll post some pics below.

    Getting an LED to light up with a button


    Artemis helping us along

    gathered around artemis

    She’s a PC too…

    caroline helping

    Now let’s try the blue one!

    arduino and led light

    A toolbox for tinkering.

    the toolbox

    Sonia and Sophie, showing off their work. It works! It really works!

    sonia and sophie

    And in case you lost your notes, ladies, I have Artemis’s sketches too.  For whatever reason, WordPress has rotated them, so just turn your head 90 degrees counter-clockwise.



  5. Next Peer to Peer: Arduinorama

    NB:  If you would like to attend, please RSVP by email.

    Kit: If you have your own Arduino starter kit, or Arduino and sensors, bring them so you can follow along with your own tools.  You can buy them online in advance if you don’t have them.

    Or, if you’re simply interested in the tech, you’re welcome to look on!

    We recommend buying one in advance if you want to be able to take home what you’ve made and use it in your own projects, and in our upcoming workshops.