1. RFID + LilyPad Arduino Introduction

    Learn all you need to know to get started for wearable interaction with Radio Frequency ID tags.

    RFID tags are used all around us, from your Oyster card to security tags in shops. They are tags that have a unique serial number, which can be read and identified by an RFID reader by placing the tag near the reader.

    Using the LilyPad Arduino, you will learn to identify your tags and, based on the tag ID, trigger a different colour light for each tag. We will use soft circuits to embed the LilyPad and RFID tags into a piece of fabric.



    All kit provided for you to take home a fully functioning RFID project.  Feel free to bring your project, cushion, soft toy, garment or bag to embed your RFID into.

    This would be an ideal for anyone that has attended our LilyPad Arduino Introductory workshop, but is suitable for complete beginners too.


    Sara Heitlinger.

     Sara is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Arts Technology, at Queen Mary University of London, where she is researching designing interactive systems to support grassroots urban food growing communities.




    16th February ‘2013 11.30 – 5pm


    £80 including LilyPad Arduino
    £50 WTHOUT LilyPad – for those who have their own.

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    This is a women only workshop,  SIGN UP HERE!!!!!

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  2. Wearable Technology: Lilypad Arduino for Beginners!

    Back by popular demand!

    For all you techie women, join our one day introduction to the LilyPad Arduino and get your garments interactive!

    During the course of the day you will be introduced to the basics of soft circuitry, some basic electronics, Arduino software, programming, and reading a sensor. At the end of the day you will have a functioning interactive patch, which you can sew onto a garment, bag or cushion cover.


    A piece of fancy fabric of your choice. It is best to use something non-stretchy and stiff, something like cotton or canvas – perhaps with a ‘Christmassy’ twist? ;)

    If you want to bring your own laptop, please make sure you have installed the latest Arduino Software on it.

    A USB to mini-USB (you are bound to have one somewhere, we thought best not to buy more ;)

    Fee: Including LilyPad Arduino £75 + £1.60 booking fee – This includes the LilyPad Arduino, LilyPad Battery Holder and FTDI board.

    Not including LilyPad Arduino £35 + £1.60 booking fee – This is for those who do not require a LilyPad Arduino Kit as above. There will not be spares to borrow unfortunately, please make sure you have one for the workshop if you purchase this ticket.


    15th December ‘2012 10am – 5pm


    SPACE, 129—131 Mare Street, London, E8 3RH.


    MzTEk’s Sophie McDonald

    Sign up here!

    If you have any queries, please contact us on info@mztek.org.

    Please note that this is a women’s workshop only.