1. Hacked Human Orchestra London Workshop

    Electronic instruments, sonic soft-circuits, mechanical melodies… our take on ‘live music performance’!

    MzTEK is joining forces with Guerilla Science to produce the most amazing Hacked Human Orchestra EVER!

    We have teamed up with PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer Shauna Concannon and artists Kobakant to design the wearable instruments and workshops.

    Join in the fun in our soft-circuit synth workshop.

    Learn some basic electronics and how to make a soft-circuit synthesiser you can wear. You will be lead through the process of creating different types of sound circuits, which will then be integrated into festival goers clothing at Shambala and Wilderness in August. You will be given workshop instructions and gain the knowhow for making them at home.

    If you attend the festivals in August, you can sign up to complete your wearable instrument there, and join in the orchestrated evening performance.


    Centre for Creative Collaboration
    16 Acton Street London Greater London WC1X 9NG


    June 30 2012
    10am – 5pm

    Only £8! Sign Up NOW!

    This is a women only workshop. Sign up HERE


  2. Wearable Tech – LilyPad Arduino Intro

    Beginners guide to the LilyPad Arduino for wearable technology.

    Join our one day introduction to the LilyPad Arduino and get your garments interactive!

    During the course of the day you will be introduced to the basics of soft circuitry, some basic electronics, Arduino software, programming, and reading a sensor.
    At the end of the day you will have a functioning interactive patch, which you can sew onto a garment, bag or cushion cover.


    • A piece of fancy fabric of your choice –  it is best to use something non-stretchy and stiff, something like cotton or canvas.
    • If you want to bring your own laptop, please make sure you have installed the latest Arduino Software on it.
    • A USB to mini-USB  (you are bound to have one somewhere, we thought best not to buy more ;)


    £75 +  booking fee – Includes discounted LilyPad Arduino 
    This includes the LilyPad Arduino, LilyPad Battery Holder and FTDI board.


    £35 +  booking fee – Not including LilyPad Arduino 
    This is for those who do not require a LilyPad Arduino Kit as above – There will not be spares to borrow unfortunately, please make sure you have one for the workshop if you purchase this ticket.


    April 14th 2012
    10am – 5pm


    129—131 MARE STREET


    Sophie McDonald is a creative technology workshop developer and educator, delivering workshops for clients such as V&A, Barbican and Maker Faire. Sophie is an artist, developer, producer and co-founder of sketchPatch , an online computer-programming playground for coders, artists and designers – and newbies! :)

    This is a women only workshop.

    Sign up HERE


    This workshop is kindly supported by







  3. Electronics for Absolute Beginners

    Everything you ever wanted to know to build a circuit from scratch, but were afraid to ask!
    January 23rd, 11am – 5pm
    SPACE, 129 – 131 Mare Street Hackney London, E8 3RH.

    Tutor Iain Sharp, a lecky pro, will guide you through the basics of how to get electricity to do what you want using a basic circuit that includes some pencil draw components.

    The day will focus on how electronics work and will include experiments that demonstrate what different components do. We will use a breadboard to build the circuit, so a lot less soldering than in previous workshops!

    Take a look at Iain’s demo video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igXh4fMqVCA

    Priority booking for women/girl participants open now. Registration open to all on 13th Jan 2010.


  4. Tinkerbelles & Arduinorama Mammas

    So, we had a blast last Saturday tinkering on Arduinos for the first time (well, for most of us), at [ SPACE ].

    Artemis led us through a great 3 hour P2P sesh on Arduinos and sensors. We learned:

    – how to make a circuit using the Arduino, a breadboard, and some wires
    – how to make a little LED light blink using the above, plus a wee bit of easy programming
    – using buttons to open and close circuits
    – using potentiometers (mouthful there) to dim/brighten LEDs.

    It was awesome, and I’m really looking forward to our upcoming workshops now.  I’ll post some pics below.

    Getting an LED to light up with a button


    Artemis helping us along

    gathered around artemis

    She’s a PC too…

    caroline helping

    Now let’s try the blue one!

    arduino and led light

    A toolbox for tinkering.

    the toolbox

    Sonia and Sophie, showing off their work. It works! It really works!

    sonia and sophie

    And in case you lost your notes, ladies, I have Artemis’s sketches too.  For whatever reason, WordPress has rotated them, so just turn your head 90 degrees counter-clockwise.



  5. Next Peer to Peer: Arduinorama

    NB:  If you would like to attend, please RSVP by email.

    Kit: If you have your own Arduino starter kit, or Arduino and sensors, bring them so you can follow along with your own tools.  You can buy them online in advance if you don’t have them.

    Or, if you’re simply interested in the tech, you’re welcome to look on!

    We recommend buying one in advance if you want to be able to take home what you’ve made and use it in your own projects, and in our upcoming workshops.