1. TMT #1: The First of our Ten Minute Tutorials on May 15

    Join us for a session of Ten Minute Tutorials on Wednesday 15th May, 7-9pm at the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

    Tutorials will vary in level, but you don’t need to have prior experience or knowledge of the topics to attend.  These are in a presentation format, rather than a workshop. Feel free to bring a laptop or a note pad. Come along and learn something new, and/or meet like-minded women.


    As our innaugural TMT! session, we’ll host 3 tutorial presentations of ten minutes each.  After presentations and a break for refreshments, we’ll show screenings of online tuts, how-to’s and resources covering a range of topics.


    SuperCollider Live coding tool for audio performance.

    An introduction to the programming environment and language for real-time audio synthesis.

    Alexandra Cárdenas is a composer, musician and live coder from Mexico.

    Collaborate on Open Source Projects using Git(hub)

    Create and manage open source projects using Git, a popular open-source version control software, to manage changes to source code.  We’ll look at using it with Github – a site that allows you to open a git managed project to the public.

    Sally Northmore is a co-founder of MzTEK, and a web developer at creative studio SHOWstudio.

    Learn to create simple visuals in Processing

    Learn to write a simple For Loop & a conditional for interactive visuals, in the programming language ‘Processing’. Download Processing here.

    Sophie McDonald is a co-founder of MzTEK and sketchPatch.net.

    This is a women only event.

    Sign up to attend here.

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  2. T-Hack with G.HACK

    G.Hack is an art and technology lab for women at Queen Mary University of London. They are participating artists in the Chi-TEK project, and have developed an interactive table for sound mapping tea houses across London.

    This workshop will teach basic techniques involved in the construction of an interactive table top, using infrared sensors. It will also teach basic sound recording and editing, the basics of soldering components, as well as covering simple programming for the interactive table using Processing, MaxMsp and reacTIVision software.

    G.Hack – Teapot – Sound Mapping London Tea Houses from MAT_OPEN on Vimeo.

    What to bring with you (if you can)…

    Participants are required to bring their own laptops, and if possible with preinstalled sound editing software, Processing, reacTIVision and MaxMsp (demo licence is fully functional for 30 days) and if you have it, sound recording equipment. All materials for making sensors will be provided.


    November 19th 2011

    10.30am – 4.30pm


    129 -131 Mare St
    London E8 3RH    – MAP


    This is a women only workshop
    Tickets are £25
    Register here: https://mztek.eventwax.com/t-hack-with-ghack

    This Chi-TEK workshop project is supported by









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  3. Musique Concrète

    Musique concrète (“concrete music” or “real music”) utilises sound as a compositional resource in unusual ways. The material does not have to be exclusively derived from musical instruments or voices, nor to elements traditionally thought of as “musical” (melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo and so on).

    A full day exploring experimental sound and composition.

    Explore the history of Musique concrète, and create your very own masterpiece in a day. Learn the basics of simple recording techniques, and then test your skills on a group sound walk.

    Back at the studio you will learn to transfer your material to computer and edit it using Audacity, into a short music composition. Using basic compositional methods and processing.

    Bring your own recording device and headphones, such as a dictaphone, small handheld recorder or phone.

    This workshop is lead by Leslie Deere, an artist working with sound. Her work can currently be heard at Kew Gardens, where she has two sound installations running daily. Leslie comes from a performing arts background in dance and has been inspired by Merce Cunningham and John Cage. She has a BA in Sonic Arts and an MA in Communication Art & Design from the Royal College of Art.


    129—131 MARE STREET



    Decmber 10th 2011
    10.30am – 4.30pm


    This workshop if £25.
    As usual, this is a women only workshop.

    SIGN UP HERE: https://mztek.eventwax.com/musique-concrte

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  4. Chi-TEK Workshop Festival for Women

    A day of introductory techy workshops for women

    MzTEK has teamed up with our friends at School of Everything to bring you a day of techy tinkering.

    Workshops include Shiver My Tea Cups, Make-a-Mic & Soft Circuit Ghosts. The day will be structured for you to chose 3x 1hour 30mins workshops to attend throughout day. Spend the day picking up skills in Arduino, soldering, noise making, sensors & more!

    No experience necessary – just enthusiasm for tech, and tea!

    This workshop is part of the MzTEK project Chi-TEK, a celebration of women working in arts and technology, and offers a tongue in cheek take on what women can really achieve around a kitchen table.


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