1. Hacked Human Orchestra London Workshop

    Electronic instruments, sonic soft-circuits, mechanical melodies… our take on ‘live music performance’!

    MzTEK is joining forces with Guerilla Science to produce the most amazing Hacked Human Orchestra EVER!

    We have teamed up with PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer Shauna Concannon and artists Kobakant to design the wearable instruments and workshops.

    Join in the fun in our soft-circuit synth workshop.

    Learn some basic electronics and how to make a soft-circuit synthesiser you can wear. You will be lead through the process of creating different types of sound circuits, which will then be integrated into festival goers clothing at Shambala and Wilderness in August. You will be given workshop instructions and gain the knowhow for making them at home.

    If you attend the festivals in August, you can sign up to complete your wearable instrument there, and join in the orchestrated evening performance.


    Centre for Creative Collaboration
    16 Acton Street London Greater London WC1X 9NG


    June 30 2012
    10am – 5pm

    Only £8! Sign Up NOW!

    This is a women only workshop. Sign up HERE


  2. FLOSSIE! Women in Open Source Soft & Hardware

    MzTEK will be taking part in the women’s open source conference  FLOSSIE this Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May at Queen Mary University.

    On Friday at 3.50pm we will be presenting our amazing Chi-TEK tea party project we delivered last year in the V&A garden. For more details on the project click on the teapot on the left (or here).

    On Saturday, 2.30pm, we will join up with Embroidered Digital Commons to contribute some soft circuits to the epic collective embroidering of the text from ‘A Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons’.

    We invite women to come and join us and learn some of the basics to soft circuits, adding switches and lights to your embroidered patches. This is a free workshop, but your embroidery work will become part of the collective Embroidered Digital Commons project.

    FLOSSIE is a free conference, so sign up and spend the day with a bunch of like minded women, and attend workshops in Arduino, soft circuits, and learn about Free/Libre Open-source Software (FLOSS).


    Conference venue at Queen Mary University, Mile End – in the maths building.

    Check out the programme here.

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  3. SHOW & TELL: Julie Freeman

    Calling all women artists/techies/tinkerers!

    Come and join Julie Freeman introducing the technicalities of her latest work in the next MzTEK P2P show ‘n’ tell.

    Julie recently returned from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) in Belfast at the end of August, where she showed the piece Specious Dialogue III.

    Specious Dialogue III consists of a pair of movable, sculptural concrete forms that house wireless audio playback systems. Mounted on pairs of swivel castors the forms are designed to be played with – pushed, rolled, kicked and shoved around the exhibition space. They are physical audio curiosities with personality.
    Julie will be discussing the story of the work from the initial commission through to version 3.  She will talk about how she built it from sourcing and constructing the concrete forms, to the writing of the Max>/MSP patch as well as the development of the piece through the sound recording and editing. She will be accompanied by sound producer Dan Grigson (Grantby) who will give hands-on hints and tips on voice-over recording, editing and formating.


    Specious Dialogue was commissioned by Cybersonica for Soundwaves 07 and has been shown in London, Luxembourg, Dublin and Limerick.

    December 3rd, 6pm – 8pm
    Space,  129 – 131 Mare St, Hackney, London, E8 3RH
    How to get there… http://www.spacestudios.org.uk/contact/SPACE/
    Please feel free to bring refreshments

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  4. Next Unplugged: Ilze Black **Wed 3rd June 7-9pm **

    Come and chill out with a cool beer and have a chat with new media artist and producer Ilze Black.

    Ilze will talk about her work as media artist and producer. She has curated numerous media productions, art events and happenings in and around London during last 10 years. In 1990s post-Soviet Latvia, Ilze helped to set up the
    seminal art initiative art bureau OPEN, and staged seminal events like Open, Biosport and the Untitled: subvertising session in the streets of Riga. In 2003 Ilze Co-founded new media society Take2030. Her projects focus on network populism, free wireless, open communities and transnational society.

    Ilze is currently media arts curator at Watermans art centre London and is an associate of HiveNetworks, Class Wargames and Node.London.


    Leon restaurant, Bankside, 7 Canvey Street (Behind the Tate Modern) London
    SE1 9AN

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