Join our ElectroMagnetic Field Village.


Electromagnetic Field is a meeting of hacker communities from far and wide, that are coming together to geek out in villages for one weekend, somewhere in  a field near Milton Keynes,  August 31- September 2 2012.  Tickets are available to buy here

There will be heaps of workshops and performances going on throughout the EMF camp. MzTEK will be providing a women’s space for workshops and events that YOU want!  :)  Come and join/offer a workshop, develop a project or just come and hangout!

MzTEK workshops and projects will be self-organising, so people can offer a workshop, provide a kit list – links and hints on where to buy stuff and provide workshop material (if available) for participants to print and bring with them.

MzTEK can provide some tools, such as soldering irons, glue guns etc. Please get in touch if you require these for your workshop or project.

Click HERE for MzTEK Workshops at EMF 

To add/sign up to a MzTEK workshop/project/event/performance visit our EMF wiki page here :)

Be a workshop leader:

Write a brief description of the workshop you want to offer, a kit list and links to where people can buy kit.  You can add your workshop to the MzTE EMF wiki page here.
Or send it to and we can add it.

Be a participant:

Choose a workshop you would like to attend. Add your name to the bottom of a workshop on our wiki page here. You will need to provide your own workshop items specified in the workshop description.

Have a project you want to work on in a weekend?

MzTEK can provide some tools to use, but you will need to provide your own materials. This is a space for you to ask around for helpers and collaborators. Add your project to the wiki here.

Want to do a techie performance?

Add it to the wiki here!