Where to find useful stuff

This page has a list of places worth looking at for project ideas and where to purchasing kit.


MzTEK resources


MzTEK Workshop Slides and Pdf’s

MzTEK Workshop Projects Kit:

LilyPad Arduino: LilyPad  Conductive Fabric, Conductive Thread,

RFID workshop: RFID Reader ID 12, RFID Breakout Board, RFID Tags


Useful Tutorials and info


Kobakant – a collective formed by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (check out their How to get what you want section for tutorials andinspiration)

Fashioning Technology – wearable tech blog by Syuzi Pakhchyan

I Love Kittens…– blog by e-textile artist Rain Ashford

Adafruit Tutorials

Kitronic Tutorials

High-Low Tech

LilyPad Arduino


Make Projects

Useful Books 


Places to buy components


Best for e-textiles materials: Conductive thread, conductive fabric, sewable components, LilyPad Arduino



Cool Components


Adafruit Industries (US)

Other places for components

Rapid Electronics