Hippokampos in the Grey Matter

A collective street memory game, coming to Athens Plaython  September 29 & 30 2012

Hippokampos in the Grey Matter explores how we relate memories to a physical place and how these are shared with others, yet are never quite the same. The game takes people through a network of memories – places and trails from our past, and traces them into the physical landscape of Athens, exploring how memories can cross in the same way paths can.

On Saturday 29th September MzTEK will run a workshop in which participants learn game design techniques and models to craft a ‘memory mapping’ game, similar to Hippokampos in the Grey Matter. Participants will develop a set of rules for gameplay and learn how to bring narrative into the structure

On Sunday 30th September we will be running Hippokampos in the Grey Matter. In the game players navigate the landscape following directions based on the memory of another. Along the way, players will uncover clues, collaborate as well as compete to create their own collective memory walk. Players will strategically leave and pick up mementos of memories during the game. Players’ memory walks will be added to the memory bank and over time become a part of the legacy of connections that can be played anywhere at anytime. Could a bank of memories build up a collective consciousness in the same way that a network of memories in the brain build up a personality?

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