1. Kit & Cakes Fundraiser at Digital Shoreditch

    With Digital Shoreditch just around the bend, we’re readying ourselves for our Family Day fundraiser, where we’ll sell delicious cupcakes and DIY Pacman tinker kits (comprised of an LED Matrix, circuit board, chips and buttons).

    Come join us for a day of friendly digital festivities and help support MzTEK programming in the sweetest way!

    Digital Shoreditch Family Day “provides an opportunity for local creatives, companies and studios to exhibit outstanding digital interactives, installations and artworks.”

    Held on Sat 7th May @11:00 – 4:00 at Shoreditch Studios, the event is free for children and £5 for adults to attend.

    Hope to see you there!

  2. Raffle to Win a Place on Shiver My Teacup Workshop

    Would you like to register for the Shiver My Teacup for as little as £3? Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win free registration – an £80 value!

    [This raffle is now over]

    To enter, just give us some details below and pay £3 via Paypal by clicking below on the Pay Now button. (To purchase multiple raffle tickets, update the quantity of tickets you would like. Each ticket has an equal chance to win, more tickets means more chances. Your odds of winning are dependent on the number of tickets you purchase and the total number of tickets purchased.)

    We will draw a winner 5 April. If we have not received your payment by the time of the draw, you will not be eligible and will not be entered into the contest. Anyone can enter the drawing, but only women can attend the workshop. The winner can transfer the free workshop registration to someone else if they cannot attend themselves.

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  3. The Chi-TEK Project

    MzTEK is currently undertaking a new project—The Chi-TEK Project—to coincide with Digital Week and the Craft Council’s Makers Fair this autumn.

    But you can already start to participate.  Shiver My Teacup, a workshop led by Katrin Baumgarten, will teach participants how to hack kitchen crockery with Arduinos and sensors. The final pieces will go on display at the V&A Sackler Centre, alongside works by leading women in the fields of art and technology.

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  4. RFID Music Toy

    Learn how to use RFID technology to hack and make a musical friend out of your favourite stuffed toy!  We’ll be using RFID, Arduinos, and fluffy toys*.  Taught by interaction designer Artemis Papageorgiou.

    When: 22 January 2011, 11:00am – 5:00pm

    Where: Space Studios, 129‐131 Mare Street, London E8 3RH

    Level: Low Intermediate – you will need to be somewhat familiar with Arduino.  Essentially, this class will not cover the basics on how to set up an Arduino.  We will learn to write code for RFID modules.

    Materials:  We will be using a combination of RFID tags, readers, Arduinos and toys.  MzTEK is happy to lend all necessary materials (minus the toy*) on the day of the workshop, with the option to purchase them after.  Or, you can pre-order a kit through us without the arduino is £42, and with the arduino board is £65.  You must pre-order by January 13 2011 via email.

    To Register: The course costs £23 / student (does not include materials).   This course is open only to women.

    Register Now

    Our classes fill up quickly due to demand, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

    * BYOT:  Bring your own plush toy  ;)

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