1. Soft Circuit Ghosts Instructions

    Soft circuit ghosts were one of the mini-workshops run during Chi-Fest a couple weeks ago. The instructions were requested by those that wanted to make more of them at home or couldn’t attend the workshop.

    soft circuit ghost

    The instructions be downloaded here.

    Most of the materials you can find at any haberdashery. The conductive thread and fabric can be found online, we ordered ours for the workshop from Mindsets.

  2. MzTEK Guide to Programming

    Have you built something with Arduino or Processing? Know how to find what you need to get a project working – you’re a queen of copy&paste – but wish you knew more about programming?

    This short course will introduce the basics of computer programming, but it won’t be a stuffy computer science lecture. It will be a series of interactive sessions teaching programming by example. This course is only open to women.

    The type of questions we’ll cover include:

    • Why do we need to compile code?
    • What’s the difference between compiling and loading?
    • Why are there ints, floats and chars?
    • I’ve just downloaded some sample code, how do I understand what it’s doing?

    You’ll also be able to bring in some code you just don’t understand and we can all work it out together!

    When & Where

    All sessions will be 7pm-9pm on Mondays the 14, 21 and 28 March at SPACE.

    To Register

    The short course costs £60 (for 3 x 2 hour sessions). You can register by clicking here.


    Very little experience required. If you’ve attended any previous MzTEK workshop you’re more than qualified. We will be working with the Arduino and Processing environments, so it is best if you’ve used them, but if you’ve also done any other programming (e.g. HTML, Javascript, Actionscript) you’re welcome as well!

    The Instructor

    This short course will be taught by Becky Stewart. Becky is a researcher with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London where she recently completed her PhD in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

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