TMT #1: The First of our Ten Minute Tutorials on May 15

Join us for a session of Ten Minute Tutorials on Wednesday 15th May, 7-9pm at the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

Tutorials will vary in level, but you don’t need to have prior experience or knowledge of the topics to attend.  These are in a presentation format, rather than a workshop. Feel free to bring a laptop or a note pad. Come along and learn something new, and/or meet like-minded women.


As our innaugural TMT! session, we’ll host 3 tutorial presentations of ten minutes each.  After presentations and a break for refreshments, we’ll show screenings of online tuts, how-to’s and resources covering a range of topics.


SuperCollider Live coding tool for audio performance.

An introduction to the programming environment and language for real-time audio synthesis.

Alexandra Cárdenas is a composer, musician and live coder from Mexico.

Collaborate on Open Source Projects using Git(hub)

Create and manage open source projects using Git, a popular open-source version control software, to manage changes to source code.  We’ll look at using it with Github – a site that allows you to open a git managed project to the public.

Sally Northmore is a co-founder of MzTEK, and a web developer at creative studio SHOWstudio.

Learn to create simple visuals in Processing

Learn to write a simple For Loop & a conditional for interactive visuals, in the programming language ‘Processing’. Download Processing here.

Sophie McDonald is a co-founder of MzTEK and

This is a women only event.

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