Hacked Human Orchestra London Workshop

Electronic instruments, sonic soft-circuits, mechanical melodies… our take on ‘live music performance’!

MzTEK is joining forces with Guerilla Science to produce the most amazing Hacked Human Orchestra EVER!

We have teamed up with PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer Shauna Concannon and artists Kobakant to design the wearable instruments and workshops.

Join in the fun in our soft-circuit synth workshop.

Learn some basic electronics and how to make a soft-circuit synthesiser you can wear. You will be lead through the process of creating different types of sound circuits, which will then be integrated into festival goers clothing at Shambala and Wilderness in August. You will be given workshop instructions and gain the knowhow for making them at home.

If you attend the festivals in August, you can sign up to complete your wearable instrument there, and join in the orchestrated evening performance.


Centre for Creative Collaboration
16 Acton Street London Greater London WC1X 9NG


June 30 2012
10am – 5pm

Only £8! Sign Up NOW!

This is a women only workshop. Sign up HERE