FLOSSIE! Women in Open Source Soft & Hardware

MzTEK will be taking part in the women’s open source conference  FLOSSIE this Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May at Queen Mary University.

On Friday at 3.50pm we will be presenting our amazing Chi-TEK tea party project we delivered last year in the V&A garden. For more details on the project click on the teapot on the left (or here).

On Saturday, 2.30pm, we will join up with Embroidered Digital Commons to contribute some soft circuits to the epic collective embroidering of the text from ‘A Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons’.

We invite women to come and join us and learn some of the basics to soft circuits, adding switches and lights to your embroidered patches. This is a free workshop, but your embroidery work will become part of the collective Embroidered Digital Commons project.

FLOSSIE is a free conference, so sign up and spend the day with a bunch of like minded women, and attend workshops in Arduino, soft circuits, and learn about Free/Libre Open-source Software (FLOSS).


Conference venue at Queen Mary University, Mile End – in the maths building.

Check out the programme here.

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