Sinful Machines

Here you go, a fantastic workshop led by the creative gals at Seaweed Studios, in the tricked out front media studio at [ SPACE ].


RSVP soon—Get it while it’s hot!  Space for 15 participants and a 20% reduction fee for tickets purchased before July 12.

Bring your own Arduino, or borrow one from us.  Let us know if you need one, however. You may also purchase a beginner kit at


MzTEK presents: Sinful Machines with Seaweed Studio
July 25 & 2006, 11am – 5pm
at [ SPACE ] 129-131 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 3RH

Sinful machines is a workshop which is part of a project exploring the delicate relationship between man, machines and sins. How is a sin defined? In the original sense of the word, to sin means to ‘err’ or miss the mark, but modern definitions associate it with violations of a morality.  What happens when 7 deadly sins and social sins manifest themselves within machines?

Throughout the weekend, we will take you through the design and creation of your own interactive ‘sinful machine’ using Arduino and components such as sensors, lights, motors, mp3 players and more.

Perfect for complete beginners and those with intermediate knowledge Arduino skills, we welcome people of all age and gender. For those who are stuck for ideas, we will also prepare a few examples to show on the day to inspire and help you through your project concept.

If you have any concerns about your ability to attend as you have children and need someone to mind them, don’t hesitate to speak to us about having a creche in [SPACE]’s courtyard.


£65, includes lunch both days.  £45 special if you register before July 12.
Bring your own Arduino or borrow one from us
Supported by [ SPACE ]