MzTEK @ /ETC – Music & hair…

Yes! We made music with our beautiful locks!

First we made the mic by wiring up a mono jack to a piezo,


then we gaffered (naturally) the piezo to a tin can.


Then we pulled out our own hair, suffering for our art, and fixed it across the tin can. Then we plugged them into an eff off great amp and blew the roof off of HUMLab! Actually it sounded quite sweets at times and we managed to get a harmony (of sorts) coming from the speakers, but that might have just been feedback.

That workshop was run by a cool artists from Dublin, Joan Healy. As it happens she will be performing at Shunt in London 23rd – 27th June and she said she’d be well up for doing a workshop for MzTEK while she’s in town.  SWEET!!!!  I’ll sort that out when i get back, but email if your interested.