1. Hacked Human Orchestra Workshop R&D

    It’s under 2 days until the Hacked Human Orchestra workshop! We’re very excited about this and have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Guerilla Science and working with Kobakant and researcher Shauna Concannon to produce it.

    The process to produce it has been extremely varied, experimenting with an array of components and materials. We thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into what we’ve been getting up to over the last month whilst producing it.

    One instrument which we’re very proud of is a soft circuit piano! It’s taken a lot of different iterations to turn it into a wearable instrument (displayed above in T-shirt form). The final piece has been created using a soft circuit (a circuit made with conductive thread, rather than using wires as you would in a traditional circuit) incorporating many different resistors, capacitors, transistors and 4 buttons, which depending on which resistor they’re connected to will make different sounds when pressed. The output has taken the form of a mini 8Ohm speaker which you can see attached to crocodile clips

    The T-shirt was inspired by Kobakant’s solar T-shirt:

    The first attempt of making this consisted of a circuit on a breadboard using various different resistors to create different pitches and the second one used the same circuit but using soft materials. We then moved onto the final iteration for which we had some help with our friend Iain Sharp from Lush Projects who helped us design the circuit. From it we created this wonderful piece which as well as the mentioned technical bits contains lots of colorful felt!

    Other experiments have taken the form of playing with musical cards and other playback devices, toy hacking, making soft circuit buttons, making conductive pompoms and also creating dinosaur-like spikes which when squeezed change their tune!

    We’ll be putting all the learning materials online next week from the workshop, including circuits and a list of components so that anyone can take download it and make their own wearable instruments!

    Sophie and Shauna toy hacking.

    Making squidgy dino-spikes, great to put on the back on a T-shirt perhaps?

    Showing the conductivity of a pompom containing conductive yarn.

    Making a button using felt, conductive material and foam.

  2. Moving Forest

    MzTEK has teamed up with AKA the castle to present an open hardware hack workshop as part of Moving Forest London2012 initiative by AKA the castle.

    MzTEK is hosting a two day open hardware hack workshop focusing on modifying/remodelling /hacking recycled hardware for generating revolting noise, based on the Chip Tune Marching Band workshop for creating a portably powered sound circuit.

    Planning for Moving Forest’s citywide insurgency acts with updated moving antennas replacing moving tree branches, these workshops also strategize a massive mobilization of london urbanites as part of Moving Forest’s distributed performance for London summer 2012.

    Moving Forest is a 12 hour, five act, visual, sonic, digital, electronic and urban performance collectively realized by AKA the castle, a temporal performance troupe bringing together visual artists, writers, soundists, silk threaders, codedecoders, macromikro, boombox mass, mobile agents, wifi fielders and urbanites. 12 hours of sonic, coded action map an imaginary Castle and camouflage forest revolt onto a given modern day metropolis.

    Moving Forest  was first presented at Transmediale.08 in Berlin.

    The partners for Moving Forest London workshop development are MA Interactive Media & Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, Furtherfield, Space, Digital Programmes, V&A.

    Please bring your own devices and tools to modify/remodel/hack, there will be a £10 pound workshop fee to cover the sound making electronic supplies.


    Take part in a one or two day workshop session 26 & 27 November.
    11am to 5pm, November 26,  Saturday
    11am to 5pm, November 27,  Sunday


    This is a women only workshop. £10 on the door to cover basic noise making kit.

    Please sign up on the Moving Forest hack wiki to take part in one or two day workshop sessions or write to now@movingforest.net


    129-131 MARE STREET
    +44(0)20 8525 4330

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  3. Musique Concrète

    Musique concrète (“concrete music” or “real music”) utilises sound as a compositional resource in unusual ways. The material does not have to be exclusively derived from musical instruments or voices, nor to elements traditionally thought of as “musical” (melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo and so on).

    A full day exploring experimental sound and composition.

    Explore the history of Musique concrète, and create your very own masterpiece in a day. Learn the basics of simple recording techniques, and then test your skills on a group sound walk.

    Back at the studio you will learn to transfer your material to computer and edit it using Audacity, into a short music composition. Using basic compositional methods and processing.

    Bring your own recording device and headphones, such as a dictaphone, small handheld recorder or phone.

    This workshop is lead by Leslie Deere, an artist working with sound. Her work can currently be heard at Kew Gardens, where she has two sound installations running daily. Leslie comes from a performing arts background in dance and has been inspired by Merce Cunningham and John Cage. She has a BA in Sonic Arts and an MA in Communication Art & Design from the Royal College of Art.


    129—131 MARE STREET



    Decmber 10th 2011
    10.30am – 4.30pm


    This workshop if £25.
    As usual, this is a women only workshop.

    SIGN UP HERE: https://mztek.eventwax.com/musique-concrte

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