1. Cutting It Up… Laser Style!

    A workshop in cutting stuff up with a laser!


    Not kitties though!

    Get your designs off the page and cut them out of acrylic, wood, vinyl, paper, card or fabric… using the power of light!

    If the thought of laser-cutting, CNC machine, circuit design and prototyping fills you with excitement and/or confusion, we have the perfect antidote for you!

    Maybe you have seen cute acrylic jewellery, or delectable vinyl decals, or you have a world-changing invention that you have to figure out how to make the cogs and parts… then this is the place for you!

    The workshop will consist of an intro to image formatting of designs, and laser cutting.

    Please feel free to bring with you some designs or pictures on paper or USB, as well as any materials to experiment with, but no more than 6mm thick and 24” x 18” wide (to fit the machine).


    October 30th – 11am – 5pm


    SMARTLAB, Knowledge Dock, Uni East London, Docklands Campus.
    Nearest station is Cyprus on the DLR
    Only £15

    Women only… Sign up HERE

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