1. Customize A WordPress Theme

    Welcome to our first P2P Session!  Ever wondered how to customize CSS, HTML, and PHP templates?  Come to our first Peer2Peer workshop to find out.

    Who: This workshop is best suited for those with a WordPress Web site (or blog) already established and would like to learn how to customize a theme—the design.

    Where: The Foundry, downstairs

    What You’ll Learn: We’ll be covering some of the basics of interaction design (user flows, personas, and feature development), Web development (HTML, PHP templates), and Web design (CSS, Flash text)

    What You’ll Need: What you’ll need before/for class:

    * Your laptop (wifi enabled)

    * Dreamweaver — you can download the latest CS4 trial version at
    adobe.com. Another html editor is fine, but it’d be easier if we’re all on
    the same page, so to speak, and using WYSIWYG software

    * A Web site — that’s a domain AND host. If you don’t have this set up
    yet, or access to one to practice on, you can easily subscribe for one at
    bluehost.com or yahoo.com to name a few… otherwise ask a friend!

    * WordPress — Please download and install WordPress on your site if you
    don’t already have it. If you don’t,, it’s easy (and free):

    Pluses, but not necessary:

    * Flash — you can download this from adobe.com
    * siFR 3 — download the package here:
    * Fireworks — you can download this from adobe.com

    How: RSVP by email.  Please include your name & which date is best for you of the above options. Majority vote rules, however if the demand remains, we could host another in the near future.

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