1. Next Unplugged: Ilze Black **Wed 3rd June 7-9pm **

    Come and chill out with a cool beer and have a chat with new media artist and producer Ilze Black.

    Ilze will talk about her work as media artist and producer. She has curated numerous media productions, art events and happenings in and around London during last 10 years. In 1990s post-Soviet Latvia, Ilze helped to set up the
    seminal art initiative art bureau OPEN, and staged seminal events like Open, Biosport and the Untitled: subvertising session in the streets of Riga. In 2003 Ilze Co-founded new media society Take2030. Her projects focus on network populism, free wireless, open communities and transnational society.

    Ilze is currently media arts curator at Watermans art centre London and is an associate of HiveNetworks, Class Wargames and Node.London.


    Leon restaurant, Bankside, 7 Canvey Street (Behind the Tate Modern) London
    SE1 9AN

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