MzTEK provides short courses, workshops, geek-outs and other events for women on all sorts of topics, at a low cost.  Our classes provide mostly technical training in an arts context, ranging from basic electronics and circuitry to more advanced courses in programming and prototyping.

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View a list of past and upcoming workshops.  We provide a Wish List on our site where we pool for ideas on topics and skills that our students want to learn.  Most of our programming is based on this list, so please feel free to add to it if you are interested in attending our programs.

Materials for past workshops can be found on our Workshop Material page

Geek Outs

MzTEK Geek outs are informal gatherings where you can come to experiment with our kit, meet other women tinkerers, or seek help on projects you’re working on. List of past Geek Outs.


Chi — Computer Human Interaction — TEK is a project that will run from April through October 2011 in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Including workshops, a small exhibition and weekend event, Chi-TEK is a playful take on the international institution of tea drinking, and celebrates pioneering women artists at the top of their game – and offers a tongue in cheek show case of what women can really achieve around a kitchen table.


In Spring 2009, MzTEK ran a series of talks with artists, curators, and technologists in London.  Informal, fun, and short, this successful project brought a wide range of hackers, tinkerers, and artists together around a table to discuss their craft.