1. MzTEK Unplugged: Sarah Angliss

    7pm to 9pmish – 27th May 2009

    Better living through ALife

    Sound artist, engineer and semi-competent programmer Sarah Angliss (Spacedog UK) shares a handful of cunningly simple tricks, inspired by animals, that can be used to make your exhibits, programs and anything else you can dream of more sublime. Use ‘bee vision’ to track small moving objects with very little computing power. Borrow some ideas from Darwian evolution to solve problems at great speed. Give people the impression you’ve made a really intelligent robot, when there’s very little ‘under the hood’. Sarah is coming fresh from her music and automata show Electroplasm at the Brighton festival fringe, where she performed to rave reviews.


    Leon restaurant, Bankside, 7 Canvey Street (Behind the Tate Modern) London SE1 9AN map

  2. MzTEK Unplugged: Alex McLean ***TONIGHT***


    Alex will be talking about the nature of code, of geometrical space, and the relationship between them. This will lead into a demo of vocable synthesis, a way of controlling synthesised drums with words.

    Alex is one third of the live coding band http://slub.org, a PhD student at Goldsmiths digital studios and co-organiser of various events including dorkbotlondon. He enjoys computer programming as a way of making music and of interacting with the world. More info about his projects and activities may be found at http://yaxu.org/


    Leon restaurant, Bankside, 7 Canvey Street (Behind the Tate Modern) London SE1 9AN map

  3. Next P2P workshop – Photoshop

    Calling women MzTEKers and techies!

    Photoshop Workshop

    The next Peer2 Peer workshop is going to be a  Photoshop workshop lead by Laura.

    date for your diary… 14th MAY from 7pm – 9pm

    Laura is keen to know what you want to know (photoshop for web? photoshop for photographers?), and what level you would like the workshop to be aimed at (beginners intro or advanced skills and techniques?). Please RSVP with thoughts and requirements to info@mztek.org or leave a comment on this post.

    Although this will be mainly a photoshop workshop (a useful tool as it is the media industry standard), Laura will also take some time to introduce in brief some of the Open Source tools available for image processing, such as
    Inkscape (for vectors)
    If your are interested we will arrange another geek-out with pizza session to explore these tools in more depth.

    the workshop will take place at SPACE media in Hackney
    129 – 131 Mare St
    E8 3RH

    14th May  7pm – 9pm

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  4. MzTEK Unplugged: Alex Zivanovic

    Alex Zivanovic

    Alex will talk about the creative uses of Physical Computing – sensing and controlling the real world using programmable microcontrollers. In particular, he will talk about the Arduino (www.arduino.cc), a low cost microcontroller system specifically aimed at artists and designers. He’ll show how the system can be used to make interactive devices and installations.

    Alex is a freelance technology consultant, educator and artist, specialising in the field of Physical Computing (sensing and controlling the physical world with computers). He is a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths and a visiting scholar at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex. Previously, he was a researcher at Imperial College London, developing mechatronic systems for medical use, including medical robotics and virtual reality training systems for surgery.


    Wednesday, April 15, 7—9pm

    At: Leon Bankside (behind Tate Modern—map below!)
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  5. MzTEK Unplugged : Ruth Catlow

    Hey folks,

    Don’t miss our next MzTEK Unplugged session on April 1, presenting Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield.org and HTTP Gallery.

    When:  Wednesday, April 1, 7 – 9pm

    Where: Leon Bankside, , 7 Canvey Street, SE1 0HS (behind the Tate Modern)

    Ruth will talk about Furtherfield.org, an independent media arts
    organisation that provides contexts and platforms for creating, viewing,
    discussing and learning about experimental practices at the intersection
    of art, technology and social change.

    Ruth is a media artist, educator and co-founder and co-director of
    Furtherfield.org and HTTP Gallery in North London. She works
    collaboratively with other artists, technologists, musicians, writers,
    activists and thinkers from around the world, to devise and realise
    artistic projects that explore relationship, connectedness and
    participation; developing platforms with their own distinct artistic and
    social contexts. Her work has been exhibited internationally and in the
    UK at venues including the CCA, Glasgow and The Baltic, Gateshead.

    Open to the public. Free.

    Can’t make it?  Check out our exciting Unplugged calendar!  We have a fantastic line-up of artists, scholars, and organizers presenting through June 2009.