Hacked Human Orchestra – Collaboration With Guerilla Science

MzTEK has some exciting news! We are currently collaborating with Guerilla Science on a project which will see a Hacked Human Orchestra brought to both Wilderness and Shambala Festivals over the Summer. We will be inviting you to transform your rags to riches, hacking your outfit to create a musical instrument in a wearable technology workshop. The grand finale will be a performance led by composer Florian Lunaire, which those attending the workshop will participate in! For more information please check out Guerilla Science’s website.

Guerilla Science are renowned for their playful exploration of science, challenging negative misconceptions and creating experiences that help more people discover the unimaginable realities science reveals to us. They do this through an array of creative approaches including installations, film screenings, musical performances and games. We are so thrilled to be working with them! :)

The project is being sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering.