The Chi-TEK Teapots are coming in…

We are getting really excited about the artwork that is coming in.  Take a look at some of the pieces that will be on display over the next 3 months in the Sackler Centre in the V&A, and in our garden Tea Party on 24 & 25  September (hosted at the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend).

Tine Bech’s The Lightpot

Shu Lea’s Stormy Weather Teapot

Shu Lea found this yellow Tetley teapot laying quietly among vintage silver Morrocan teapots in the cupboard at the home of madame Rokia Ben Brahim, a 93 year old Algerian woman working all her life as a cleaning lady in Paris. Inside is soldered a Vive la Resistance aka NanoSmano Sajica , a mini circuit with an oscillator and a resistive gas sensor. It produces sound responding to touch and breath.

Artemis Papageorgiou’s This Is Not A Teapot


This Is Not A Teapot is inspired by the semiotics of language used in the homonym painting of Magritte (Ceci n’est pas une pipe).  You can read more about Artemis’s project on her website at

Mika Satomi’s Self-destructing Teapot

Mika’s teapot constantly hits itself with nails, and is on the verge of self destructing. See the tea pot in action here.

Anna Dumitriu’s Biohacked Tea Cosy

Bio Hacked Teacosy

Read more about Anna’s experience of making her Biohacked Tea Cosy for Chi-TEK here.