Arduino Basics Roundup


What a long, fun day! We started with interactive designer and tutor Daniel Hirschmann by exploring electricity, the basics of circuit building (and those of use who attended Iain’s awesome Basic Electronics workshop were in the know).


Then we moved onto some programming in Arduino and getting the board to respond to stimuli and output feedback in our serial port.


Finally, we put it all together, building circuits, working with analog and digital writes and reads, playing with force resistors, light sensors, buttons, etc.

For anyone who is not familiar with all of the above, any step can be a big hurdle (let alone combining programming & circuitry in one go.)


If you attended the workshop and would like to review or revisit anything we did, Daniel will be posting notes to the workshop on his site, or you can email us for circuit images (close ups!) and code.

Special thanks to SPACE for their support and donating their fantastic front media lab.