Tinkerbelles & Arduinorama Mammas

So, we had a blast last Saturday tinkering on Arduinos for the first time (well, for most of us), at [ SPACE ].

Artemis led us through a great 3 hour P2P sesh on Arduinos and sensors. We learned:

– how to make a circuit using the Arduino, a breadboard, and some wires
– how to make a little LED light blink using the above, plus a wee bit of easy programming
– using buttons to open and close circuits
– using potentiometers (mouthful there) to dim/brighten LEDs.

It was awesome, and I’m really looking forward to our upcoming workshops now.  I’ll post some pics below.

Getting an LED to light up with a button


Artemis helping us along

gathered around artemis

She’s a PC too…

caroline helping

Now let’s try the blue one!

arduino and led light

A toolbox for tinkering.

the toolbox

Sonia and Sophie, showing off their work. It works! It really works!

sonia and sophie

And in case you lost your notes, ladies, I have Artemis’s sketches too.  For whatever reason, WordPress has rotated them, so just turn your head 90 degrees counter-clockwise.