MzTEK Unplugged: Sarah Angliss

7pm to 9pmish – 27th May 2009

Better living through ALife

Sound artist, engineer and semi-competent programmer Sarah Angliss (Spacedog UK) shares a handful of cunningly simple tricks, inspired by animals, that can be used to make your exhibits, programs and anything else you can dream of more sublime. Use ‘bee vision’ to track small moving objects with very little computing power. Borrow some ideas from Darwian evolution to solve problems at great speed. Give people the impression you’ve made a really intelligent robot, when there’s very little ‘under the hood’. Sarah is coming fresh from her music and automata show Electroplasm at the Brighton festival fringe, where she performed to rave reviews.


Leon restaurant, Bankside, 7 Canvey Street (Behind the Tate Modern) London SE1 9AN map