Experiments in interactive video


In this workshop we will make some funky visuals using live camera feed, pre-recorded video clips (feel free to bring your own… but make them small) and jpegs, (so bring some of those too). We will use sound and movement to trigger and manipulate visuals.

This workshop will involve some techy bits, like using a visual programming language, and it will also involve a bit of a boogie! Mary Clay is going to run a dance workshop for part of the session, and then we will combine the lot!

Don’t feel you need to bring a laptop if that will stop you coming along, (although if you can do) you can still join in with all aspects, as we will have to take turns in using the projector anyway… unless you can bring one of those too.

This workshop will be an introduction to the software Isadora. This is really easy to use software for building patches, or programs, and
the basic idea behind it can be translated to other software such as PureData, Eyes web and MaxMSP.
Isadora example movie clip
You can download the Isadora demo version here…http://www.troikatronix.com/izzy-download.html

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