W00t M33t

Have a project you need some help on? Come out to W00t M33t tonight:

“Sing hosannas, the w00t is back!
Once upon a time, there was a monthly gathering of art party organisers, mischief makers, mad inventors, geeks and dilettantes. They met for plotting and beer drinking purposes, and evil schemes were hatched. Then life intervened, and there were no w00ts for a while.But then people kept asking me: ‘Where is the w00t?’. So by popular demand, it’s back. It’s moved from the Dog Star, as it wasn’t really fair on anyone who doesn’t live in South London. Instead, we’ve booked some space upstairs at The Plough pub in Bloomsbury on Thursday 5 Feb. And we are going to w00t in it.

Where: http://www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub355.html
When: thursday 5 Feb, from 8pm
What: beer, plotting and more beer and more plotting. (There’s food, too, though no nachos sadly).

Hope to see you there! ”